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Teak covering. Teak panels.

The teak deck has undeniable advantages, time-tested. First of all, it's its non-slip properties: you will not slip, even if the deck is wet. In addition, you are not burnt yourself when stepping on the teak deck. If you step barefoot on an artificial teak in sunny weather at any latitude, you will immediately understand the difference between linoleum and wood.
There is a drawback - this is the need for care. The deck does not lose its properties until the tick layer has been wiped to zero, but the new exterior loses quickly enough.

In many cases, the thickness of the traditional covering is really superfluous. On racing yachts and on modern boats there is no need to lay 8-12 mm of teak on the deck. The actual lifetime of a 4 mm covering is 10-12 years with a few sanding in operation.

We offer to lay ready teak panels on the deck. They are the basis of HPL plastic with a thickness of 1mm with glued teak or iroko plank 4 mm thick. Panels have a basic size of 2 x 1 m. The planks are mounted on the sealant "Sikaflex 298", and the seams are filled with "Sikaflex 290 DC". Later on, out of the standard panels, the patterns taken from the yacht are cut into the size of the panel for the deck or cockpit. Installation of finished panels is made on "Sikaflex 298".

We also make laying of the deck from the planks directly in place, if bending of the planks is required. In this case, it is impossible to obtain a covering from the finished panels. And with any way of laying, we try to avoid extra holes in the deck. With a standard laying of teak on the deck of a 'Dragon' yacht, for example, about 2000 holes are drilled, which then must be carefully repaired. On the deck made by us (the yacht 'Kiwi'), the number of holes is zero.
If you want to lay a teak cover on a sandwich deck - think three times. Panels in this case allow to do with 2-5 holes for centering instead of thousands of holes for pressing the laths.

The thickness of the 4 mm planks on the panels is a lot. These are years and years of life of the deck. Will not you get tired of the boat during this time? Are you ready to carry 50 kg of excess weight (10 square meters of deck for 8 mm of teak) with you?
And the speed of laying the panels, of course, is much higher than the traditional technique of manufacturing the teak deck. The quality is comparable. We chose panels.

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