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yachts of class 'Dragon'

Repair of plastic yachts.

In races and during transportation, yachts inevitably accumulate small and not very damages. We can give the yacht an original look.

The main types of work are repairs of small chips and scratches. The fiberglass construction allows to repair without loss of strength and appearance for almost any damage.

We know all the weak places of these boats, their design and the load on a particular unit. Therefore, we are not yet faced with a warranty return after our repair.

Repairs RUS 31 - chipped in a circle, replacing an antifouling coating, replacing ropes and stoppers.

Repairs RUS 32 - chipped in a circle, the replacement of almost all equipment.

Repairs RUS 35 - replacement of the whole freeboard Gelkout, new varnish of all wooden parts.

Repairs RUS 98 - repair of severely damaged hull and deck. The work was complicated by the need to select a tree for wooden parts. Full replacement of equipment.